Sony Xperia Z3 Set For August Release?

Barely three months have passed since Sony released its flagship Xperia Z2 into the market and already there are rumours circulating of a new Xperia.

Word from the mobile tech grapevine is that the Japanese phone maker’s next smartphone, the Z3, could be launched as early as August this year.

It seems too soon to be true but the fact that Sony has been launching a new flagship every six months lends some credence to the August release rumours. The Sony Xperia Z was released in March 2013 and the Z1 was with us by autumn.

February 2014 duly saw the arrival of the current flagship Sony, the Z2.

On top of a probable release date we have leaked images of what is purported to be the Z3’s frame.

It really is nothing more than a flash of silver light, but it has set tongues wagging. This suggests that unlike the Z2 which was encased in glass, the Z3 will have a polished metallic exterior.

According to unnamed sources this casing will come with a PVD coat, making it corrosion resistant and more scratch resistant than any of its predecessors.

This is quite impressive as the Z2 was proven to be quite hardy, being waterproof and dustproof, though there were complaints that its glass covering made it prone to collecting smudges and fingerprints.

If the Z3 really does come with the said metal casing, you may not have to work so hard keeping prints off your phone.

The rumours of this metallic frame will also please those who thought that the glass made the Z2 difficult to pick up and slippery to operate.

But before you break out the champagne, remember, we’re talking about unofficial images which could be of something else altogether.

Some information regarding the newest baby in the Xperia family is also being bandied about.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Z3 will not go the QHD route the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is reported to have taken. It will showcase the same 1080p HD screen that the Z2 had. There will however be an upgrade in the processing power.

In place of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU that offered 2.3GHz which the Z2 comes with, the Z3 will come with a niftier Snapdragon 805 which gives 2.7GHz. The 3GB of RAM and the 20.7 MP camera will also remain the same if these unconfirmed specs are to be believed.

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