Vodafone Set to give 4G Customers Free Netflix

Good news for premium Vodafone 4G customers; you will enjoy 6 months of watching the latest movies and series thanks to the mobile operator’s partnership with Netflix.

If you have enough data loaded up, you can stream as much media as you want from the site without having to subscribe.

This privilege, just to clarify, only applies to Virgin ‘Red’ customers; those who pay in excess of £31 every month for connection to the fastest mobile data network technology.

In terms of data they get 2GB of 4Gmobile data. There are currently three ‘Red’ plans available, each with unique features.

4G, or fourth generation is a standard which supplies hitherto unrealised broadband Internet speeds. While it carries voice and offers other services 3G currently does, its main selling point is super-fast broadband which will facilitate HD mobile TV, advanced online gaming and 3D TV among other data-hungry offerings. 4G relies on various standards to take data beyond the limits of 3G.

Two of the main standards are LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMax. LTE is what the 4G service providers in the UK, including Vodafone, use. It started making an appearance on the UK scene in 2009 but Vodafone only launched its 4G services only in August 2013.

To date, the mobile operator has rolled out 4G networks in up to 230 cities.

However, it should be noted that Vodafone was one of the last to hop aboard the 4G bandwagon. It is playing catch-up to EE which betted big on LTE and made investment in research and testing a priority from the get-go.

EE’s 4G network is now known to be the UK’s fastest and most reliable. A recent metrics test that measured the quality of mobile Internet, texting, network reliability and speed found that EE beat all other UK operators in all categories. Vodafone came last in all except one.

While this doesn’t by any stretch mean that Vodafone is out of the mobile data game, it certainly means that the mobile operator has a lot of ground to cover.

Premium Vodafone customers with 4G-enabled devices can therefore enjoy download speeds of up to 16 Mbps as they stream House of Cards and other popular Netflix offerings. Before this these subscribers enjoyed a deal that offered them music streaming service Spotify and the Sky Sports channel for free.

This offer will be stopped once the new Netflix deal comes into effect.

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